We Uncovered The Process That Will UNLOCK The Perfect Home For Your Needs

The Torelli Way is Different Than Others…

We would like to tell you exactly what Torelli Realty does that no other Costa Mesa company will do, but first I’d like to ask a question: would you take just 30 minutes out of your time if you knew that those 30 minutes would lead to you finding the house you want?

Yes, other real estate agents will say “we need to know what can you afford and where do you want to live”, then hit the web… We at Torelli Realty are different, here’s why:

We believe that there is One Home out there that is meant for You. This home is perfect for you, the only one you want, it is your perfect home.

In a perfect world, you would only need to look at one home. That house would be The One, you make an offer, they accept, and you move in when the timing is right. Happy as can be.

That is not just a dream. We believe we can do it!

In other words, we want to understand your needs, requirements, hopes, and desires. Only then will we have the right combination to UNLOCK your home!

How Do We Find Your Home?

It all starts with our Coffee Cup Meet Up. Not a normal consultation, but a get-together set in our dedicated, creative space. We’ll share a cup of coffee, get to know each other and understand exactly what the home of your dreams looks like!

We use our trademark ‘Dream Home Dossier’ to engage in a conversation that unveils even your most subtle tastes, the ones the traditional questions simply can’t grab. And, we go deeper..

Asking those questions that nobody else asks. By compiling your ‘Dream Home Dossier’ we’ll be able to tailor your future home to you. 1 Client = 1 Home is our motto.

Other Agents Will NEVER Do This…

What separates us from the rest is the we don’t just go into the MLS and find a home that looks like a good fit for you, that’s what all the other agents do!

That’s why we developed the 55 Second Test, a sure proof way to know if a house is right for you. You don’t fall in love within the first minute? We move on. Nothing personal. No questions asked.

The Secret…

We go ‘old school’, literally calling everyone we know in Costa Mesa, from homeowners whom we’ve worked with in the past, to attorneys, trust estates and even foreclosures.

Since we have sold over 2500 homes in Costa Mesa and surrounding Orange County areas, we know the area so well that we have much more to show you than what’s listed publicly on the MLS. We have access to Pocket Listings (read this page to see more about Pocket Listings) that only come from being hyper-local in the community and 30 plus years of being a leading real estate agent in Costa Mesa.

If you are serious about finding your dream home in Costa Mesa, set up a Coffee Cup Meet Up with us today! Call our office at 877.895.0121 or just stop by, we are right in the heart of Costa Mesa at 1700 Adams Ave Suite 110, on the corner of Mesa Verde and Adams