The small, minimalist living movement has steadily been gaining momentum.  Tiny homes are more and more popular, especially with space being such a hot commodity and prices so high in urban markets.  However, not everyone is ready to jump into tiny living just yet- so if not tiny, we have put together a list of the best places to find smaller, affordable homes.  Keep reading to find out more and find the full article here.

Builder has pinpointed the hottest small-home markets by evaluating home closing data from Metrostudy and the National Association of Home Builders, focusing on the top places within nine U.S. regions where houses have a median square footage of 1,500 or less.

The results are a smattering of 39 cities nationwide where itty-bitty homes are plentiful. For a look at all your options, check out Builder’s interactive map, or read on to see the towns in each region where people are living large in small homes.

New England: Seems like ye merry New Englanders prefer their massive McMansions—the smallest median homes are found in Keene, NH, at 1,500 square feet. A bit compact maybe, but certainly not tiny.